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Chapter 699 A Call From Isabelle

  • Matilda took a steamed bun, but she didn’t bite into it. Instead, she merely lowered her head and said, “Perhaps the two of you don’t sense anything, but I’m a woman, so I understand women all too well. Maybe your father truly doesn’t have any other intentions, but Yolanda has feelings for him.” At this, she chortled. “You were still young back then, but when I first went and had it out with her, I went crazy and kicked up a huge ruckus at Bloom Residence. At that time, Yolanda didn’t even say a single word, allowing me to slap her without defending herself. I could tell that she was feeling guilty, and that was why I couldn’t keep my temper in check. It’s because she truly has feelings for your father.”
  • John leaned back against his chair. “Actually, I think this is normal. Your main concern should be Dad’s headspace since someone else coveting your spouse isn’t something you can avoid or control.”
  • Matilda looked at John. “You understand quite a bit.”
  • At this, John sighed. “I initially didn’t understand either. I just figured it out slowly in the past few days.” For instance, when he saw Isabelle’s message earlier and listened to her voice message, he instantly had a moment of clarity about the things he hadn’t understood in the past. When the divorce was still fresh, Sophia always mentioned Isabelle out of the blue, obviously hinting at something, something he once felt was an overthinking on her part.
  • It was no different from William now. Likewise, he felt that Matilda was being petty and fretting for no reason. He felt that there was nothing between him and Yolanda, which was exactly the same way John thought about himself and Isabelle. In this matter, they both felt that it was the other making something out of nothing, but they’d never considered why Matilda and Sophia had a sense of crisis.
  • John couldn’t deny that he’d once found Isabelle to be the ideal spouse, but he was merely taken by her image. In reality, he’d never felt anything for her. Only after he’d heard her words did he realize that it wasn’t Sophia who’d overthought it but he himself had underthought it. Women were inherently sensitive, especially when it came to those of the same sex. Hence, Matilda and Sophia might have long since sensed it, but as men who lacked emotional consciousness, they were blind to it, thus making them feel insecure. He had no choice but to admit that it was his negligence; it was his failure to take a clear stance that had Sophia clinging to the issue of Isabelle. The problem lay on him.
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