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Chapter 692 Belinda Arrives

  • Sophia slept until dusk, and she was woken up by someone. When she got up groggily, she saw John beside the bed. Held down by her fuzzy mind, she didn’t manage to show her anger yet. “What?”
  • John was smiling. “Grandma’s here, and she’s downstairs. Do you want to see her?”
  • Sophia grunted, and she slowly sat up while rubbing her face. “Why did she come at this hour?”
  • John patted her head. “She said she wants to see you.”
  • Sophia paused, then she realized what was happening. “You told her?” She frowned at him.
  • Pursing his lips, he said, “No. I told my dad, but he won’t hide something like this from her.”
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