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Chapter 689 Discussion

  • Elder Mr. Bailey sighed. “She is a girl after all, so she’d be swayed by her emotions.” He continued, “Looks like we can’t count on her to help Dexter.” Old Mr. Bailey didn’t say anything, and his father squinted at him. “We should do this ourselves.” A long while later, Old Mr. Bailey nodded.
  • On the other hand, Sophia and Matilda strolled for a while longer before going back. “Did you see? Isabelle looked like she was smiling, but she was upset,” Sophia said.
  • Matilda giggled. “Is that so? I didn’t know.”
  • Sophia looked at her. “Odd. What’s going on between you two? Are you guys fighting?”
  • “No.” Matilda looked at her through the corner of her eye. “And you make us sound like kids. I just think that maybe Isabelle isn’t what I think she is. How should I put this? I think she’s more… complicated than I give her credit for. But I’m not saying this is wrong. Nobody’s really naive, you know, but she disappointed me.”
  • Sophia nodded. Wait, we’re straying from the topic. “Well, you’re naive. You don’t even know where you went wrong.”
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