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Chapter 683 Answer

  • She even added, “I’ll finish my work as soon as possible, then I’ll have some free time. Tell me when you want to meet, Mrs. Constance. We didn’t even get to talk today, and honestly, it has been bugging me.”
  • “Sure,” Matilda replied ‘happily’. “It’s been a while since we met up. We have to catch up sometime over a meal.” Then, she nodded. “Yeap, we really should.”
  • Isabelle didn’t say much after Matilda’s rejection. Before hanging up, she made some small talk, and Matilda put her phone down slowly. Then, she smiled.
  • She only had a guess before this that Isabelle was using her, much to her disappointment. After taking her call, Matilda was beyond disappointed; she was furious. If Isabelle hadn’t seen her together with John and Sophia, she wouldn’t have made the call. She only called me because I am useful to her again. What a scheming girl.
  • Matilda put her phone on the table and lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling for a while before finally going to sleep.
  • John only came back after a long while. At that time, Sophia was snugly asleep when she felt someone hugging her, then the stench of alcohol assaulted her. Displeased, she pushed him away.
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