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Chapter 676 Competitor

  • John didn’t care about it. Thus, he said hi to Lincoln and Robin before going to sit beside the window. Sophia showed the clothes she bought for Robin, much to her surprise.
  • “I mean, you’re the one who has been handling the whole shop since it started.” She smiled. “So here’s a gift to make up for my absence.”
  • Robin smiled back. “It’s fine. I used to run a business on my own, but it went bust. It was regrettable. Yeah, it’s busy here, but business is fine, so I’m happy about that.”
  • Sophia looked at Lincoln. “You have an off day today? Well, we can end the operations early and you guys can go on your date. Leave the shop aside for the time being.”
  • Robin blushed as she straightened her hair out and glanced at John from the corner of her eyes. That was when she saw that he was talking with Matilda, and his attention was not on them. Then, she licked her lips and said, “Sure. I’ll go around with this guy here.”
  • Sophia nodded before telling Robin about her commission raise, for Robin had put a lot of work in the business. Being the generous woman Sophia was, this meant Robin might be making more money than her every month through commission. “That’s a lot!” Robin gasped.
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