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Chapter 675 Matilda Is No Help at All in This

  • Sophia retracted her gaze from Isabelle after taking a look at her and said to Matilda, “Let’s go. I would like to drop by the shop after shopping. I’m a little worried about leaving Robin alone.”
  • “Alright,” Matilda replied and gestured toward Isabelle with a look before leaving with Sophia and John. When she passed by them, she commented, “Miss Jaeger seems to be an honest person and it’s hard on her for helping you out like this. Why don’t you give her an increment?”
  • With a hint of a smile in her tone, Sophia uttered, “I’ve already decided to give her a commission, which is higher than an increment.”
  • Matilda grunted and said something else which was inaudible to Isabelle because of the growing distance between them.
  • Frowning, Mrs. Bailey asked in astonishment, “Since when did the relationship between the three of them improve so much?”
  • Shaking her head slowly, Isabelle answered, “Beats me.” Staring at Matilda and Sophia’s back with an icy look on her face, she muttered, “How did the two of them become so close now?” But just a split second later, she snorted. “Well, seeing how hopeless Matilda is, she’ll be useless to Sophia as well. She’s probably just an extra person to say sweet things next to her.” With that, she grabbed her mother’s arm and said, “Let’s go. Forget about them.”
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