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Chapter 670 Allies

  • Matilda stiffened herself while she looked at John. “What’s there to explain? Just go and have your dinner now. What explanation are you expecting? You should be grateful that she already told you about it. Don’t ask for too much, young man.”
  • With knitted brows, John stared at her. Since when did Mom become this way?
  • Glaring at him, Matilda continued, “Hurry up and have your dinner. After that, bring Sophia out for a walk. She can’t be sitting too much now that she’s pregnant. Exercising appropriately is fine.” Then, she waved a hand at him as though to dismiss him.
  • John nearly broke into laughter from his incredulity. Since when did these two women become allies?
  • Before this, both of them would slip into an argument every time they met.
  • The whole time, Sophia kept her head lowered and ate her fruits. He hesitated for a second and decided to head into the dining room.
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