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Chapter 669 You Owe Me an Explanation

  • Paying no heed to Matilda, Sophia went straight into the dining room, where Ms. Cannon had already prepared dinner, and she sat right down. “It smells wonderful.”
  • “You really don’t plan to take a look upstairs?” Matilda asked, joining her in the dining room.
  • Without lifting her head, Sophia began to dig in and answered, “No, I’ll take a look after dinner.”
  • In the meantime, John stormed into the master bedroom, but he wasn’t exactly angry. Earlier in his office, he spent a long time thinking about it and had mentally prepared himself for what Sophia said. Otherwise, he couldn’t find an explanation as to why someone would spend a huge amount of money just to hire a person to knock her down. It didn’t make any sense.
  • Despite that, he was uneasy because he didn’t know when Sophia found out about her pregnancy and why she kept it from him before this. She didn’t know how to explain the matter to me? Or was it that she didn’t plan to do it at all? If it was the latter, what did she plan to do with the child?
  • After staying in the room for a long while, yet Sophia still didn’t come after him, he was left hanging with his temper flaring as he stood there, until he decided to rummage through the drawers in the closet. There, he found her checkup report and adrenaline pumped through his veins after a quick glance at it.
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