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Chapter 667 Let Me Think About It

  • Sighing, she went on, “Furthermore, someone is obviously doing nasty things in the dark and wants to harm you. Do you have any idea what would happen if that person catches up with you if you leave this place? Just the thought of it is terrifying.”
  • Tightening her lips into a thin line, Sophia did think about this point as well yesterday. The main issue was, she didn’t know who was after her, and she couldn’t be sure if she wouldn't be followed once she left here. She didn’t dare to risk it, and neither could she bear the consequences of this risk.
  • Speechless, she lowered her gaze, and Matilda knew that her words had reached her.
  • Hence, Matilda softened her tone, saying, “Sophia, I think John has the right to know about your pregnancy. It’s not fair that you’re keeping this from him.” Without waiting for a reply, she continued, “It’s true that John didn’t care about you in the past, and we all know that this made your heart uncomfortable and flustered. You can get back at him in other ways for it, but you really shouldn’t do that with this issue. Think about it by placing yourself into his perspective, how would you feel if you’re John and only found out about this later?”
  • “Give me some time to think about it,” Sophia answered hurriedly.
  • Smiling, Matilda agreed, “Alright, think about it carefully. By the way, you don’t have to make a trip to the shop because I made a stop there on my way here and already told Robin that you’ll be resting at home today.”
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