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Chapter 647 To Tell or Not to Tell

  • Logan’s attention was totally fixed on the Morgans. According to his accounts, Sally was still being detained, which meant she might very well be left with a criminal record. The injured girl was already discharged, but she refused to reconcile with Sally as she wasn’t about to let Sally off the hook. Logan thought the girl did a brilliant job, and that Sally finally found herself an even match.
  • However, Sophia was no longer interested in other people’s affairs, as all she could think of was what to do with the baby she carried. To tell, or not to tell, that is the question, and a freaking hard one at that. Besides, where should I go if I were to hide the fact that I’m pregnant from him?
  • They stayed there until evening, with Logan planning to send Sophia home, only to see John driving toward them when they were closing the shop. Glancing at Sophia, Logan asked, “Has he been the one driving you home these days?”
  • Without giving him a reply, Sophia watched John get out of the car. He came over to stand beside her before greeting Logan, “You sure have a lot of time to spare today.”
  • Logan let out a hum. “I always have much time to spare. Are you going to her house? Are you planning to have dinner over there?” Seeing that John didn’t refute him, Logan nodded. “I haven’t yet decided on where to have dinner, so why don’t we dine together? That sounds like a great idea.”
  • On the other hand, Sophia wasn’t sure what was so great about it. Before they could leave though, another car pulled over, while someone called out to John after stepping out of the car, who revealed herself to be none other than Matilda. Arching her brow, Sophia figured that Matilda had been trying to make her presence known to her. While John greeted Matilda, the latter cast a glance at Sophia before asking, “Are you all heading to her place?”
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