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Chapter 645 B-Scan Report

  • Matilda quickly urged John to get some rest, but he said with a smile, “It’s alright. Since I always used to sit in the office, this is some much needed exercise, so I think it’s fine.”
  • Letting out a cry, Matilda tried to persuade him, “You should put yourself to better use by flipping through and signing documents instead of working manual labor.” Her response caused Sophia to glance at Matilda from the corner of her eye with a smirk.
  • Although Matilda didn’t like Sophia, she stayed the course of the night before leaving with John. Sophia saw them off by the door. Despite their history, Sophia wasn’t going to fuss over it as Matilda was behaving much better compared to before, so she wished Matilda a safe trip home. With a sophisticated look on her face, Matilda was still trying to act tough. “Just go back in. This house belongs to my son, so I don’t need you to send me off.”
  • Sophia obeyed her by turning to leave for the house, while Matilda got in the car and watched her close the door behind her before questioning pointedly, “I don’t get it. Why do you even like someone like her? Just look at how impartial she was to her elders. She didn’t even smile at me!”
  • John smiled in resignation before asking, “Why would she when you used to brawl with each other?”
  • Snorting, Matilda averted her gaze. “I just can’t bring myself to like her.”
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