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Chapter 642 Debilitating Choices

  • Matilda finished her cup of coffee before standing up. “Alright, your presence sours my mood, so I will be taking my leave.” Taking her bag with her, she cast a final glance at Sophia before turning to leave.
  • After Matilda was out of sight, Robin came over to Sophia. “Something about her felt off! Just look at that drastic change in attitude! Sophia, don’t you feel that she has changed?”
  • Sophia hummed in the affirmative before smiling. “I bet you saw her expression when I mentioned Isabelle.”
  • Nodding her head, Robin replied, “You bet I did. However, I don’t get why she would come here.” The Matilda whom Robin knew would be hurling insults at Sophia upon knowing that John went after her to her hometown, but that didn’t happen.
  • Sophia smiled before saying, “Whatever, let’s not dwell on this. She doesn’t deserve our attention anyway.” Sophia spent the rest of the evening in her shop before hailing a cab home, only to find that there was someone else in the property. It turned out that John was studying a cookbook in the kitchen intently.
  • Sophia was taken aback by the sight. If it were her from before, she would've made a fuss out of the situation by reprimanding John for entering her house without her permission. However, not only was she not in the mood to do so now, but she lacked the energy to do so altogether, which made her feel that her temper had seemed to have mellowed out. Therefore, she went to stand beside the kitchen entrance. “What are you trying to make?”
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