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Chapter 635 To the City

  • Matilda seemed a little conflicted. “At least that’s how I’ve been feeling recently, so I’m not totally sure myself.”
  • Arching her brow, Natasha commented, “It’s not everyday that you would self-reflect. You’re finally improving.”
  • On the other end, after Zack booked the tickets, John was almost done with packing. He still had a lot of food in the trunk of his car, which, much to the kids’ delight, Sophia gave to Mrs. Hensley. Although Mrs. Hensley would like Sophia to stay for a little longer, she knew Sophia’s departure was for the best, or else Walter would keep on pestering her.
  • Standing outside with their luggage, the villagers who would be leaving with John had finished packing as well. John couldn’t possibly fit everyone and everything into the car, so the villagers left on a tractor, while John and Sophia returned the rented car. After meeting up with the villagers, they hailed a few cabs to bring everyone to the train station.
  • The sight of a bunch of people tagging along was enough to give Sophia a headache, but John seemed to have done a good job at managing everything, as their journey went smoothly. They had to make a transfer halfway through their journey, but it wasn’t as tiring as they had arranged for a reasonable schedule.
  • When they got off at their final destination, Zack was already waiting at the train station. The villagers were a little overwhelmed upon their arrival at a brand new location. After hailing a few cabs, Zack brought the people to the warehouse.
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