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Chapter 634 Poor People Skills

  • Upon heaving a sigh, Matilda explained, “Why else would we quarrel other than because of Sophia? I complained about Sophia since I don’t like her, which made John unhappy, so he began ignoring me. Before I realized it, it had been a few days since we last spoke.”
  • Pursing her lips, Isabelle was at a loss as to what to say, while Matilda clicked her tongue. “Sophia must’ve cast some sort of spell on him to mesmerize John so much so that he would abandon me.”
  • Still, Isabelle didn’t reply to that, so Matilda waved her hand while concluding, “Fine, it’s getting on my nerves, so I won’t talk about that anymore. I bet that cheeky brat blacklisted me since he didn’t pick up my calls at all. He sure is being smug.”
  • Isabelle chuckled amicably before saying, “I’m sure the situation will improve after a few days.”
  • With a nod, Matilda replied, “I sure hope so.”
  • Isabelle hadn’t been keeping in touch with John during the past few days, as she was busy with work in her company. However, the other reason she did so was because her father told her to cut some slack, as she shouldn’t be the one taking the initiative everytime. Be it in work or life, she would be putting herself in a disadvantage if she was always the one who took the initiative. Isabelle found the advice relevant after some thought, so she decided to wean herself off him for a few days.
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