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Chapter 633 Where the Hell Are They?

  • Zack was on his way to get the car, but he stopped as soon as he heard someone calling out to him. Startled by Matilda’s presence, he said, “Oh, it’s you. What’s the matter? Are you in need of something?”
  • With a smile on her face, Matilda asked, “Is John not in the company? He didn’t pick up my calls during these past two days, nor did I see him after waiting here for such a long time.”
  • Zack let out a grunt before replying, “My boss had left for a few days, so he hasn't been in the company. I think he has a weak signal over where he was, which was why he didn't pick up your calls.”
  • With a frown, Matilda asked, “He went out? Is he on outstation? Where did he go? Why would he go somewhere with a weak signal?”
  • Knowing that Matilda disliked Sophia, Zack wasn't sure if he should be telling the truth. He wondered if she would be angry if he told Matilda that John went to find Sophia. After some hesitation, Zack told her, “I don’t really know where my boss went, as he is on a private errand and not a business trip. Since it’s not a business trip, he didn’t tell me about it, nor did I ask.”
  • Shocked, Matilda stared at Zack. “A private errand? What kind of private errand?”
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