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Chapter 631 Finding Treatment

  • John told the villagers to go back and get some rest, as well as instructing those who would leave with him to settle things with their family during the next few days. After the crowd dispersed, Sophia finally relaxed her shoulders. Upon heaving a sigh, she noticed that her stomach was a little upset. She quickly surmised that her tantrum must’ve affected her child, which prompted her to sit down hastily to get some rest.
  • Meanwhile, John went over to hold her in his arms before consoling her in a soothing voice. “I am here, so you have nothing to worry about. Nothing will go wrong.”
  • Instead of pushing him away, Sophia squeezed his shirt in her palms while gritting her teeth. “Why is he like that?” She didn’t understand why someone as lowly as Walter was her father. Furthermore, she was extremely disappointed in him.
  • Her grandfather used to serve in the military, which shaped him into a fair and just man. Even during the harsh times, never once did his morals sway. Also, she never committed any outrageous crimes in the course of her life, so she should count as a good citizen. However, both instances only served to further confuse her as to why her grandfather and her would have someone like Walter as a son and a father respectively.
  • In the meantime, John wasn’t quite sure how to console her, so he could only keep her company while holding her in his arms. After a while, he carried her into the house. Lying in bed, Sophia curled herself up into a ball, seemingly in low spirits. John waited until she dozed off before leaving for the yard, where he brooded for a while, then left the house altogether.
  • There were only dozens of households within the village, and with how small it was, one could see from one end of the village to the other end. Seeing that he broke Walter’s finger, he guessed that the latter should either be seeking a doctor outside the village, or have someone check on it within the village. He wasn’t sure if there was a clinic in the village, so he headed toward the entrance to check on the road that would lead outside the village.
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