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Chapter 630 Get the F*ck Out of Here

  • Sophia was so angry that she couldn’t help but laugh. How should my grandfather help them when he himself is dirt poor? How dare this son of a b*tch complain about it now? Lifting her hand, she pointed outside the yard. “Get the f*ck out of here.”
  • That was one of the worst things she had ever said to someone else. Even back when she fought with Matilda, she never said something as vicious, but Walter had crossed a line. She had to admit that the man who gave birth to her but never put in any effort in raising her was pure scum.
  • There was a moment’s pause before his countenance shifted drastically. Even though he had been acting the part of a gentleman, he finally lost it after Sophia cursed at him in the face of the other villagers. Despite always being a shameless b*stard, the fact that he was being treated with such contempt by his own daughter triggered his fragile ego. With a grim look on his face, he raised his voice all of a sudden. “Watch your mouth, you b*tch!”
  • Standing at the side, the other villagers had been irked by his words, but they didn’t interfere due to Sophia’s presence. Now that Walter started hurling insults at her, they flocked over to her as they could no longer sit by idly.
  • “Why are you shouting? How dare you even do that! If she is telling you to get the f*ck out of here, you do as she says!” a man said. Spitting at Walter, the villager went on, “You’re such a prick!”
  • “Yeah, I wonder why did you have the audacity to even come here! If I were you, instead of living on like this, I would rather drown myself in my own piss!”
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