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Chapter 629 Long Since Dead

  • All Sophia could do was console the villagers. A few would come with them for this time, and if things went well, they would contact the rest of them to slowly help them venture out into the open world. The village head thanked Sophia while he dropped by. He also told Sophia about the fact that the villagers were all thankful toward John for helping to pave the roads, as well as finding the younger generation a job. It was all thanks to Sophia that the lives of these people were about to change for the better.
  • However, Sophia felt guilty, as she did nothing to help, so she didn’t think she deserved their gratitude.
  • In the meantime, Walter caught wind of their impending departure due to the commotion it raised, so he came to Sophia’s house once again. He was wearing the same shirt, and though he tried his best to keep up appearances, it didn’t take a lot for the others to deduce that he wasn’t in fact as well off as he presented himself to be.
  • When he arrived at the house, the villagers were still in there. Chuckling, he walked up to them. “Oh, so everyone’s here. This looks fun.”
  • Although the yard was full of boisterous chatter just moments ago, the villagers stopped talking as soon as they saw him. As if not noticing the abrupt shift in their countenance, Walter alone was chuckling. “I heard that Sophia will be leaving the place soon. It has only been a few days, so why the hurry? You don’t get to come home everyday, so why not spend some more time here?”
  • However, his question was ignored by everyone. All Sophia did was stare at him with a blank expression while standing in the yard.
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