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Chapter 628 Up and Leave

  • Sophia didn’t know Walter well, as she had no memory of him at all. However, the fact that he kept on quibbling despite being reprimanded by the crowd was indication that he might be a somewhat shady character.
  • Besides, Sophia noticed that a savage look flashed across Walter’s face when he was riled up after being reprimanded. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was at a disadvantage, he might very well have assaulted her on the spot.
  • Heaving a sigh, Sophia figured that after spending all those years apart from one another, they never had much of a relationship to begin with. If things went awry between them, Walter might very well assault her, which was a cause for hesitation on Sophia’s part.
  • Meanwhile, John crouched down before her slowly. “Considering the circumstances, I will be worried if I leave you here alone. Sophia, please come with me. Besides, we will also be able to find jobs for the villagers when we get back. Whoever that wishes to come with us can come. I will take care of everything when we get there, so you have nothing to worry about.”
  • Staring at him, Sophia pouted. He reached out to hold her hand. “Judging from what I saw earlier, I suppose the future will be laden with trouble, so you shouldn’t stay here. The villagers won’t be able to defend you all the time. Mr. Gwendolyn was obviously planning to do this for the long term, which will leave you in a vulnerable position.”
  • Sophia recognized what John told her to be true. No matter what he did, he was still legally her father, so the villagers wouldn’t be able to do much to help if he were to bring it to court. Moreover, she was pregnant, so she couldn’t possibly butt heads with him. Thus, it only took her a moment before coming to a decision. “Alright, we will go back.”
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