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Chapter 621 The Future of the Village

  • With his heart throbbing, John felt uneasy about it. Eventually, Buddy told him, “It was fortunate that she married you. You’re a good man, so I’m sure you’ll treat her nicely. That kid finally came into some good luck.”
  • However, his words only left John pouting while averting his gaze. It wasn’t until then that he recalled how poorly he treated Sophia back then by not only ignoring all of her efforts, but also allowing Matilda to mistreat her.
  • On the other hand, Sophia was disoriented when she woke up from her nap, as she had no idea what time it was. She went to the yard, only to see Mrs. Hensley’s grandson playing there. The five-year-old child was covered in mud, but he seemed to be having fun. After some thought, she went to pick out some snacks from the bag that John carried into the kitchen before handing them to the kid.
  • As soon as the kid saw the snacks she held, his eyes lit up. While observing the young child, Sophia seemed to be gazing at something else. Caressing her belly, the feeling of joy that she tried so hard to suppress seemed to pop up again. Now that she had a child of her own, it didn’t matter anymore whether she would have a partner in life, as she had a family now. She was no longer alone, and she would also have someone to love wholeheartedly, just like her grandfather.
  • After observing the child for a while, she left the yard. The village didn’t undergo a lot of change during the past few years. She strolled at a leisurely pace on the road while appreciating the run-down houses around her. However, she was feeling much happier compared to when she was observing the exquisite architecture of the Constance Residence.
  • Some time later, she saw John, who was on his way back with Buddy after they had paid their respects. Naturally, John saw her as well. In a few strides, he went up to her to hold her hand. “Why are you here? How was your nap?”
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