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Chapter 620 Children of the Poor

  • However, John didn’t think much of her reaction while he said, “Your stomach must be acting up because you have been overexerting yourself. I’ll go buy you some medicine later on. You’ll feel better after taking them.”
  • Waving him down, Sophia told him, “You don’t have to. I’m not going to take them.”
  • With a sigh, John tried to persuade her otherwise. “That nausea will persist if you don’t take the medicine. You have been suffering from it for years, and you know how excruciating it can be, so you should take the meds.”
  • Without a word, Sophia rinsed her mouth with some water in the kitchen before telling John, “You should eat up while I take a short rest.” Her nausea faded as soon as it came, so she was feeling better after a few moments, after which she returned to the house. There was no dining room in her house, except for a table in the kitchen. She walked up to the table while instructing, “I can’t stand the smell of pickled cucumbers, so take them away.”
  • With a grunt of assent, John left the pickled cucumbers on the shelf by the door. Sophia felt better after taking a deep breath, so she went over to the table to start eating her bowl of noodles. After they were both done eating, John washed the dishes before leaving the house once again, as he wasn’t accustomed to doing nothing. He probably went out to meet the other villagers, Sophia thought. The meal left Sophia feeling drowsy, so she took a nap in her room since she could leave everything to John now that he was here with her.
  • In the meantime, John was strolling in the village while examining it. He realized it was an underdeveloped area with not even a hundred families, and all the houses looked the same. Now that everybody had had their meal, there were some who came out to chat with each other in front of their houses. Sure enough, their topics revolved around John and Sophia.
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