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Chapter 605 Neither Stand a Chance

  • Sophia tugged her hand back, but it wouldn’t even budge. Exasperation flooded her. “John Constance, when are you going to stop putting on a show? Let go of my hand!”
  • John turned his gaze on her. Surprisingly, he released his grip on her obediently. “Look, even you have misunderstood me!”
  • Sophia simply ignored him.
  • They then arrived at the supermarket. As Sophia pushed a shopping cart, John again stuck to her side. “What do you want to eat? Go on and buy more.” Sophia said nothing, merely putting items that caught her interest into the cart.
  • Robin was also pushing a shopping cart. Following behind Sophia, she looked on as John placed himself at Sophia’s beck and call, shamelessly clinging to her. In a soft and muted voice, she said to Logan, “They’re divorced, yet they still act like a couple. Isn’t this rather bizarre?”
  • His eyes fixed on the shelves on both sides, Logan hummed thoughtfully and echoed, “It’s bizarre. It’s definitely unorthodox, but even a fool could tell that John still has feelings for Sophia.”
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