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Chapter 591 Unease

  • Lowering her head, Sophia ate a few dumplings before she put her cutlery down. Startled, John asked, “What’s wrong? Are they still raw?”
  • Sophia shook her head. “No. I just don’t have much of an appetite.” The dumplings seem to be of shiitake mushroom filling. The taste of shiitake mushroom is rather heavy, so it’s turning my stomach.
  • At this, John spun around and went into the kitchen. Shortly after, he brought her a glass of milk. “How about some milk, then?” Hmm, I wonder when he became so proficient at caring for someone else.
  • After breakfast, he offered to accompany her to the shop. However, Sophia was very much averse to the idea. It’s my shop, and it’s not like I don't know where it is, so why do I need him to accompany me? She then urged him to go home with his luggage instead of hanging around her house, but he hemmed and hawed, stalling by insisting, “I’ll just accompany you to your shop first. I’m in no hurry.” She was no match for him when it came to playing pull-and-tug, nor was she in the mood to argue with him. This man will definitely resort to trickery when he can’t win with logic.
  • Instead of having someone drive over, John hailed a taxi with Sophia and accompanied her to her shop. Robin was already there, and she even had a smile on her face before she caught sight of him. “Good morning.”
  • Sophia nodded. “Morning.”
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