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Chapter 590 Stayed Overnight

  • He knows that Sophia won’t humiliate him. On second thought, this Ian Morgan is actually very cunning despite appearing plain and unpretentious. The corners of John’s mouth quirked into a smirk. “You know what? I came here as soon as I returned without even going back home, and my luggage is still in the courtyard. Besides, there’s no taxi at this hour. Don’t tell me you want me to walk home while dragging my luggage behind me…”
  • He gave me a pile of drivel, yet it’s all so that I’ll allow him to stay overnight! Hopping mad, Sophia stared at him for a long while before getting out of bed. Opening her room door, she pointed at the corridor. “Go out. Out!”
  • This means I can be anywhere as long as it’s not her room! John beamed, his smile tinged with a gleam of craftiness. Getting to his feet, he straightened his clothes. “I’ve got to retrieve my luggage first since it so happens that I’ve got a change of clothes in there.”
  • Her temper getting the best of her, Sophia lifted her leg and swung it at John when he exited her room. However, John was rather nimble on his feet, so he dodged it with a simple sidestep. Chuckling, he remarked, “The damsel and the villain…”
  • In the next moment, Sophia slammed the door shut. Leaning back against the door, the vicious expression on her face relaxed. She then gave a slight sigh of relief before fisting her hand and hitting her chest. I don’t quite know what I’m feeling at the moment, but it seems that I’m actually not all that enraged. After a while, she went over to the window and gazed out into the courtyard. The lights were turned on in the living room downstairs, and John was standing in the courtyard. His luggage was indeed in the courtyard, right there beside him.
  • At this time, he lifted his head and looked at her window as though he was certain that she’d definitely be there. Sophia was taken aback, but she didn’t dodge, merely meeting his gaze with a cold expression on her face. John, however, flashed her a smile and even waved at her. Then, he went into the living room with his luggage in hand.
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