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Chapter 585 Turmoil

  • Disheartened, Sophia didn’t cook. She made some instant noodles and simply ate a bite before retiring upstairs.
  • When the sky had grown completely dark outside, she received a call from Logan who said that he was on her doorstep. He claimed that he was here to visit her, but he was surprised that she’d gone to bed so early upon seeing that the lights were turned off downstairs. Thus, she listlessly went downstairs and opened the door for him before parking her butt on the sofa.
  • Logan brought a lot of food, so it seemed that he hadn’t had dinner. He didn’t trouble Sophia but went to the kitchen himself and plated everything before carrying them to the dining room. Grinning, he called out, “Come, come. I even bought beer, so let’s have a feast today!”
  • The entire house was filled with the aroma of grilled skewers. While Sophia hadn’t any appetite, her stomach rumbled at the fragrant smell. Hence, she stood up and went to the dining room, only to see that Logan had even prepared the cutlery and opened the bottles of beer. She plopped down onto a chair. “What happened? Why the sudden interest in coming over for drinks at my place today?”
  • Logan sighed. “I was just thinking that we haven’t officially eaten together ever since Ian went for the competition. I miss the days when the three of us feasted together, so I came over.”
  • Upon hearing this, Sophia chortled. “You’re right. I miss those days, too.” There wasn’t any turmoil back then, so I was in high spirits every day despite living rather aimlessly. Now, I seem to have found my goal in life, but turmoil after turmoil assail me.
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