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Chapter 581 An Old Acquaintance

  • After a moment’s contemplation, Fabian added, “Actually, John wasn’t such a person in the past. He had always been chaste. I once met him while entertaining a client, and while all the other big shots were captivated at the sight of women, he was the only one who had disdain in his eyes when he gazed at the bevy of young ladies around him.” Hence, he couldn’t quite figure out why John had suddenly morphed into such a debauched person now. I personally find it rather odd, but I can’t say it aloud. If I voice it out, it’ll seem as though I’m whitewashing him.
  • Quickly finishing the cup of coffee, he then got to his feet. “I still have something to do, so I won’t intrude any longer. Sophia, do come to Blackwell Residence for a visit when you’re free.”
  • Sophia murmured an acquiescence that sounded very much perfunctory. “Okay, will do.” She then walked him to his car. When he’d left, she turned around and went back into the shop.
  • Robin was standing at the counter, looking somewhat despondent. Sophia, however, didn’t think much of it. “Come, come, let’s have some fruits. Let’s see what he brought us.” Robin was noticeably down in the dumps, so she went over and opened the box. It was actually a gift box of sorts with an assortment of fruits, all looking plump and juicy. Many of them were foreign to her, so she didn’t know what they were. Ah, everything is exotic when I’ve never seen much of the world! Taking a few fruits, she washed them before shifting her gaze to Robin. “What’s wrong? Why are you feeling downcast?”
  • Forcing a smile, Robin countered, “I’m not feeling downcast. I’m merely a tad shocked at Mr. Blackwell’s words.”
  • Sophia startled. “Shocked? Oh, you mean what he said regarding John?”
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