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Chapter 560 How Could John Like That Kind of Woman?

  • Logan had wanted to go up and tell the woman that it was a bigger shame for the family to have people like her and Simon around, but John stopped him with reason and said that it was useless to preach to such an individual. No matter if it was Simon, Sally or Leah, they had to be taught a proper lesson before it could be seared in their memories.
  • When Logan heard John say this, he knew that John was already forming an idea.
  • Upon hearing this, Robin interjected, “Since you went to the bar with Mr. Constance yesterday, why didn’t the gossip news talk about you?”
  • Logan was not inside the photo either. It was just a photo of John and the woman.
  • Stunned by the question, Logan tutted and replied, “The media wanted attention, so of course they took the photo as if there was something going on between them. I was really there at that time, but I was already quite drunk, and I fell asleep across from John.”
  • Sophia smiled. “So, you have no idea what John and that woman did.”
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