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Chapter 559 Sophia Was Unaffected By the News

  • Fabian smiled at her, but it was a very superficial smile. “Grandma told me to come and visit you. I’ve done as told.”
  • Sophia looked at him indifferently and said, “You don’t really have to come over. Just simply tell her that you’ve visited me next time. If Old Mrs. Blackwell asks me, I’ll cover for you.”
  • Fabian was a little surprised as he looked at Sophia and commented, “That address sounds pretty good. I like it better.” He was talking about how Sophia addressed the matriarch of the Blackwell Family; she had addressed her as ‘Old Mrs. Blackwell’ instead of brazenly calling her ‘Grandma’.
  • Sophia had nothing to say to Fabian, so she replied, “Now that you’ve seen me, you can go.”
  • This time, Fabian gave her a genuine smile and said, “Sophia Gwendolyn, right? Okay, I’ll remember you.”
  • Sophia stood up straight and continued her own stretching exercise without speaking to him any further. Raising the window, Fabian waited for a short while before driving away.
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