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Chapter 555 Logan Is Upset

  • John walked over and asked, “Have you ordered anything?”
  • Seeing him, Matilda hurriedly replied, “We have only ordered a few dishes. If there’s anything you like, we can order more.”
  • John waved his hand. “That’s alright. We can order more later if it’s really not enough.” He then took a seat beside William and turned to Matilda. “How are you doing recently? I heard that you went to the hospital.”
  • With an embarrassed expression, Matilda replied, “Yes. I had to apologize, since it was my own fault.” Upon finishing her words, she took a look at William, who appeared serious but didn’t seem to have anything to say.
  • John said to his father, “You must be exhausted, since it’s been a long day.”
  • William pinched his glabella. “Yes, I’m a little tired.”
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