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Chapter 553 The Shadow Bank

  • Therefore, John couldn’t pretend that nothing had happened. He had to keep on investigating the case, even though there hadn’t been much progress so far. Even if it was a difficult case without much clue, he had to get to the mastermind.
  • A few days ago, the car that the criminals used to kidnap Robin was found in the wilderness. Although the car had been badly damaged, it was the same vehicle they saw on the security footage.
  • Following this clue, John found out about the car owner’s information and the shadow bank to which the vehicle was put up as collateral. The shadow bank appeared to be the base for a group of loan sharks. John didn’t pay much attention to it in the past, as the shadow lender didn’t make a big fuss before.
  • Since the kidnap had something to do with the shadow bank, John told Zack to investigate it. Certainly, the internal relations within a shadow bank were complicated, but it wasn’t difficult to find out some information, since the employees were not really loyal.
  • Two days later, Zack came to John’s office and told him that the problem was thornier than expected.
  • The shadow bank appeared to be a small enterprise that lent out money. Since the interest rate wasn’t exorbitant and they never tried to retrieve the money by force, they were not targeted by the authority.
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