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Chapter 545 What a Coincidence

  • Sophia didn't want to listen to what happened last night, so she quickly stopped him. “What happened isn’t reflective of my true feelings. The atmosphere was pretty good at that time, so I just went along with it. There’s no further meaning to it. After eating, you should just go do what you have to do. Don’t you have some company matters to handle? Go ahead and deal with it. I don’t need you to take care of my shop.”
  • It was clear that Sophia was subtly rejecting him again. John wanted to say something, but after thinking about it, he decided not to. Considering how Sophia had finally relented last night, he couldn't be too pushy about things either. Thus, he nodded. “Alright.”
  • After the meal, they left the restaurant together. Sophia strolled back home first, while John did not follow her but attempted to hail a cab by the roadside.
  • Seeing this, Isabelle drove past him at once. She parked the car next to John and lowered the window. “John, what a coincidence.”
  • John was stunned to see her, but he just nodded. “Yeah, fancy meeting you here.”
  • Isabelle pretended to know nothing. “What's up? Are you hailing a cab? I can give you a ride.”
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