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Chapter 543 Looks Like You Are Really Jealous

  • The scenes weren’t from that time back in Tri Asel; they were from the previous time they were here. In a trance-like state, she asked John, “The previous time we were here…”
  • John quickly blocked her mouth again. The previous time was a bit too wanton and he couldn’t have her remember it. After all, he wouldn’t have been able to hold her down if she blew up in a rage.
  • However, Sophia was mindful of her situation. She was a single woman anyway, so this kind of situation was understandable. They were simply fulfilling each other’s physical needs.
  • It was just that if Isabelle knew that John was staying over at Sophia’s place and was doing all these things with her, the former would probably be hopping mad. Sophia admitted that she was a narrow-minded and selfish woman. Just the thought of Isabelle touching John's face made her upset.
  • John was a little surprised that Sophia would be so cooperative with the way things were going. Ever since the divorce, this woman had always been hesitant.
  • Sophia put her arms around John’s neck and said, “Are you happy about the dinner today?”
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