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Chapter 542 Sophia, Are You Jealous?

  • After Sophia thought about it, she decided to just let John stay over.
  • Along the way, John seemed to be asleep, but when the cab stopped outside Sophia’s house, he suddenly woke up, opened the door and got off quickly. After Sophia paid the fare and got off, John was already standing at the door. She stared at the man in a somewhat helpless manner.
  • In her life, she was most helpless against drunkards because she knew that she herself behaved terribly when she was drunk, so she had no right to be repulsed by others’ drunken behaviors.
  • After she went over to open the door, John went in at once. He did not stay downstairs but walked up the stairs by himself without a word.
  • Sophia almost laughed out loud. Does John think that this is his home?
  • After that, she called out to him twice, but he didn't respond to her as if he hadn't heard her at all. In just a moment, he disappeared at the top of the stairs on the second floor.
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