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Chapter 533 Conflict in the Morgan Family

  • Having said this, Robin sighed. “If she’s so difficult to get along with, John must be very tired of interacting with her.”
  • Sophia was taken aback as she turned to look at Robin.
  • Seeing Sophia staring at her, Robin quickly smiled and waved her hand, “I was just blabbering. I just thought about it and blurted something out.”
  • Sophia thought for a while, but she quickly dismissed her thoughts as impossible and withdrew her gaze. “Do you think John will be tired?”
  • Robin lowered her head and continued to work. “It was just a guess. I don’t really know Mr. Constance and only met him a few times with you. But since Madam Flintstone is so difficult to get along with, I suppose she won’t have a good temper at home anyway. So, I think he’ll feel tired of having to face her at home.”
  • Sophia smiled and said in a low voice, “Is that so?”
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