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Chapter 524 Granddaughter

  • “Maybe he is out of his mind,” Sophia chuckled and said. When it came to the afternoon, Sophia permitted Robin to leave work earlier, cleaning her shop, whereupon she proceeded to close the door. Then, she went home to take a shower and get changed shortly before the Blackwell Family’s driver arrived. Upon getting into the car, she saw someone sitting inside who turned out to be a young lady.
  • Sophia paused and nodded. “Hi.”
  • The lady gazed at Sophia with a smile. “Hi, my grandma sent me to pick you up. Let’s go.”
  • Sophia responded with an affirmative hum, feeling a little nervous upon hearing that. After she sat tight, the car began to hit the road. At the same time, the lady appeared to be rather talkative as she was able to lighten up the atmosphere with different topics, chatting with Sophia about her shop and even her marriage life.
  • Grinning, the lady replied, “Actually, we all know that you just had a divorce with John not long ago, except my grandma.”
  • “I know. That’s why I was a little awkward when she asked me about that,” Sophia answered with a chuckle.
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