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Chapter 522 A Fall From Grace

  • Frowning, Matilda thought it over and suggested, “Call John and have him come over here. I need to talk to him.”
  • Sophia burst out in laughter. “I’m not the one who wants to meet him, so why should I call him?”
  • Staring at Matilda incredulously, she emphasized, “Why would you come here and ask me to help you on your matters? Have you forgotten that we have a lukewarm relationship?”
  • Matilda glared at her. “You…” But she could not finish the rest of the sentence. Sophia was right; their relationship was lukewarm. She only found her way here out of desperation.
  • Seeing that her ex-mother-in-law couldn’t reply, Sophia laughed at her. “You can ask Isabelle for help. She can get in touch with John, right? Isn’t it better to ask her for help?”
  • Matilda’s expression froze in embarrassment. The first person she thought of was definitely Isabelle, but in the few calls, the latter kept saying that she was busy. Matilda was unsure if Isabelle was really busy, but she knew for a fact that when she had called Isabelle in the past, the girl could always make time.
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