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Chapter 518 Don't Come to My Place Anymore

  • This time, John showed no response at all; he truly fell asleep. After struggling for a while, Sophia was tired as well, so she sat down on the bed. “If you want to sleep, go to the guest room. Today is the final time I’m allowing this. If you try to act dumb when you’re drunk, I’ll call Zack to pick you up.”
  • John remained unresponsive. Sophia wanted to lift him, but she could not even move him an inch. After two tries, she gave up on moving him.
  • She went into the bathroom and washed up before leaving her room for the guest room, where John had previously stayed in. The guest room was well-stocked, and the only thing she needed to adjust to was the unfamiliar bed.
  • She lay down, switched off the lights, and drifted to sleep after cursing at John. In the middle of the night, she felt that something was off and lifted her blanket, but it was pinned down. Hence, she struggled for a bit before removing the blanket and switching on the lights.
  • John, who had been sleeping soundly in her room, was now sleeping beside her with his leg on hers. In fact, he reached out and hugged her in his sleep.
  • She was beyond furious and clenched her teeth as she yelled at him, “John, are you deliberately doing this to me?”
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