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Chapter 516 The Shameful Video

  • Matilda made countless similar promises to Isabelle, but there was no progress between Isabelle and John at all. Matilda kept saying that she’d help Isabelle, but did she ever?
  • Isabelle pinched her glabella in frustration. “Mrs. Constance, is there no hope for you and Mr. Constance? Did you do it impulsively?”
  • “Impulsive? No, no. I have long noticed that something is not right with him. He started hooking up with that woman years ago. My guess is that their relationship has persisted, so what do I need a man like him for?”
  • Isabelle forced a smile. “Ah, is it?” It happened that her phone buzzed, so she picked it up, but the conversation from the other side was inaudible to Matilda. Isabelle agreed to something a few times and ended the call, after which she looked at Matilda. “Mrs. Constance, I have something going on in the company. I’m actually excusing myself specifically to meet with you, and I have to rush back now.”
  • Failing to sense the change in Isabelle’s attitude, Matilda replied, “Sure, go ahead. Work is more important.”
  • Isabelle clutched her bag and stood up without even looking at Matilda. “Well, let’s talk again when we’re free then.”
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