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Chapter 514 You Don't Deserve Him

  • Although Old Mr. Flintstone was sitting in the front seat, he was very tempted to turn around and slap Matilda. “Why are you so impatient? Has your brain decayed after all these years? How could you not have any improvement? You immature little girl.”
  • Matilda was still afraid of Old Mr. Flintstone, so she pursed her lips and lowered her voice. “What was I supposed to do? I just feel like what I did was completely normal.”
  • Right after that, Matilda’s phone started ringing, which surprised her. Taking her phone, Matilda saw that it was a call from Isabelle, so she stared at it for a while. She knew Isabelle called because the latter saw the news on the Internet, after which she couldn’t help but sigh. After the first call went unanswered, Isabelle immediately followed up with a second call.
  • Closing her eyes, Matilda informed her parents, “Someone’s calling me.”
  • Then, she accepted the call and greeted with a cheerful voice, “Hello, Belle. Why did you suddenly call me? What’s wrong? Did something happen?”
  • When Isabelle heard that Matilda didn’t sound different from how she was like previously, she was confused.
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