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Chapter 503 It Just Doesn't Add up

  • Logan didn’t say a single word more, only pursing his lips. Meanwhile, John didn’t stick around any longer before he decided to leave for his office due to work. When he left, Sophia said something without looking at him. “Thanks for your help last night.”
  • John looked back at Sophia, knowing that she was saying that to him. In response, he responded with an affirmative hum. “Just doing the least I could.” In that instant, both of them appeared rather polite to each other. Not long after John left, Logan, who was beat as well, decided to make a move too. At the same time, Sophia felt a headache as she proceeded to head upstairs for a rest, collapsing into her bed for some shut-eye.
  • In the meantime, John was exhausted as well, although he still had the energy to go about his work. I guess I will return to the company.
  • Zack was on the way to the office with some documents when he saw his superior returning. Therefore, he went up to him before asking, “So, how’s the situation?”
  • John responded with an affirmative hum. “We found her, and she is fine.”
  • Zack heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s good news. What about the abductors? Did the police manage to find out who did this?”
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