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Chapter 500 The Truth

  • After Logan was told to wait with Sophia in the room, he silently walked away with her, seemingly reluctant to stay with those people any longer. Meanwhile, Logan’s men were still in the room, but they were all no longer in the mood to continue having fun as they quietly waited for the rest to return.
  • As soon as Sophia got back to the room, she sat on the couch with her head lowered, feeling a hunch that Robin’s kidnap had something to do with her. Robin once told me that her social life is pretty simple because she only has a few friends. Furthermore, she didn’t usually go out due to her strict upbringing. In fact, I was the one who invited her to hang out those nights.
  • Sophia racked her brain to figure out how Robin had gotten into trouble with anyone she might have crossed, but to no avail. Nonetheless, she was sure that this was a coordinated abduction, which she was partly responsible for. The more she dwelled on that, the greater the pain that she felt deep down.
  • At the same time, Logan made a few phone calls in the room to have his men investigate Robin’s kidnap. I bet the vehicle’s registration number that we saw in the security footage was a fake one. Why would they use a real one and risk blowing their cover when committing a crime like this?
  • While Sophia was waiting in the room, Zack soon came over with John, whose expression appeared calm and collected. Then, John told her that he had dispatched his men to search for Robin’s whereabouts just as the police were looking into the matter. Therefore, he believed it wouldn’t take long before the result was announced. With everyone’s mood ruined, Zack came over and said, “Let’s go home. It’s too noisy here, so we might as well wait for their news at home.”
  • After grabbing everything they needed, everyone set off for Sophia’s place to gather there, thinking that they could keep her company since she was all alone by herself. While Sophia sat on her couch at home and waited for the news, Logan headed to the kitchen and got her some warm water. Cupping the glass of water in her hands, Sophia said, “The shirt Robin wore today is mine. We both have similar builds, so I reckoned she could just come here and wear one of my shirts.”
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