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Chapter 495 They Must Have Gotten Tired Of a Happy Life

  • Needless to say, John had no idea what was on Isabelle’s mind as he continued to finish his work before he reached for his phone. Then, he began browsing through Sophia’s friend list on his social media account, seeing a selfie of her smiling face that was taken outside her shop in the illuminating twilight. Besides, he could clearly see the words written on the plaque hanging above the shop entrance. No response! She really knows how to grind my gears!
  • Meanwhile, Sophia was a little curious that John hadn’t contacted her in days ever since they came back from the monastery. It looks like this guy has become someone else after that day. Did he really understand what I said to him, or has he finally realized that it’s better off for him to let go? Or maybe he is being mad and sulky with me. Soon, Sophia gave up trying to figure out what was wrong with John as she reckoned she should spend her time on her shop’s opening ceremony instead.
  • As for the day her opening ceremony would be on, Sophia didn’t deliberately pick a day but instead decided to go about it since she was done with all the necessary preparation. The night before that, she posted an announcement on her social media feed about her shop’s opening the next day. The following morning, the shop entrance was occupied with so many flowers that barely any space was left. One of them was from Zack, who texted Sophia and emphasized that he did that out of his own goodwill, which had nothing to do with John.
  • Sophia was amused, thinking that it didn’t matter to her anyway. On the other hand, Logan decided to buy some fireworks since he knew Sophia had more than enough flowers. Thinking the fireworks would be overkill, she stared at Logan and asked, “What’re you going to do with the fireworks in broad daylight?”
  • Logan widened his eyes in surprise. “Oh, come on, what can I do? You’re running your shop during the day. If your shop opened at night, I’d light up the entire street with fireworks.”
  • This guy really doesn’t mind throwing his money away! As the fireworks blew up in the bright sky, Sophia could barely see anything except hearing the boom. Meanwhile, different desserts that Sophia and Robin made were served in the shop. While Logan sat by the window, Sophia took a bit of every dessert to let him taste. Then, Logan pinched her face and complimented her. “No wonder I like you so much!”
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