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Chapter 494 Why Is Your Heart With Someone Else?

  • In a casual manner, John answered, “Don’t bother doing that because my mom never listens.”
  • Seemingly understanding why he said so, Isabelle nodded in agreement. “Yeah, Mrs. Constance can be a little stubborn at times. I have actually talked to her about that several times, but it looks like my words all fell on deaf ears.”
  • Unwilling to continue the topic, John brought up his confusion about the delivery order that Isabelle gave him the last time. “Now that you’re here, I have a few things I’d like to ask you about the delivery order.”
  • Isabelle then leaned closer toward the desk in response. “Show me.” As the lady leaned closer, John caught the scent of a jasmine aroma. Nevertheless, he didn’t like the smell, so he knitted his brows without revealing too much facial emotion. When Isabelle took a look at the delivery order, she chuckled and said, “Oh, the labeled location here can be a bit of a pain in the neck. Let me show you the remark that I stated here.” She then reached for her phone and showed John a picture. Upon taking a quick look at it, John uttered, “Just send me the picture, and I’ll take a look myself.”
  • Isabelle paused for a short while before she said, “Oh yeah, how come I didn’t think of that?”
  • Calm and indifferent, John seemed as if he didn’t notice anything unusual. Meanwhile, Isabelle quickly sent the delivery order with her own remarks written on it to John while feeling nervous at the same time. Nonetheless, she had another complete copy with more information on it, which she decided to keep to herself so that she could have more chances to talk with John. On the other hand, the copy that she had just sent John was a draft with messy notes and labels, which she doubted John could understand.
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