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Chapter 483 Can't He Sense Something Wrong?

  • While the divorce was part of the plan even before they got married, John didn’t know why he couldn’t bring himself to take that step in the matter. Soon, Logan arrived just as Sophia was done serving all the dishes. When he saw John, he paused and said, “Look who we have here! It seems that I just got here in the nick of time. Come, let’s eat!” Logan wasn’t surprised to see an unexpected guess. Instead, he welcomed John as if it was his home.
  • Seeing Logan, John heaved a sigh of relief and turned his attention to Sophia. “So, Logan is the one you’ve been waiting for, isn’t he?”
  • “Get a fork and knife for yourself,” Sophia demanded with a darkened face.
  • Meanwhile, Logan seemed to respond more enthusiastically than Sophia did as he headed to the kitchen to grab the utensils for John. “Come on, help yourself!”
  • Witnessing Logan’s reaction, Sophia was rendered speechless by it. It looks like Young Master Jefferson has no idea how to deal with people tactfully. Can’t he sense something wrong when he sees my ex-husband hanging around with me? Come on, which part of that makes sense to him? Nonetheless, Logan proceeded to sit down and talk about the Morgan Family as he proceeded to tell his story. “It’s all thanks to John that I was able to teach the sibling duo a lesson by showing that old man, Bryce, the evidence. Well, I bet you did that for Sophia, didn’t you, John?”
  • John shifted his gaze to Sophia, but the latter didn’t look back, as she only ate her meal with a gloomy face. He then responded with an affirmative hum. “Yeah, that’s right.”
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