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Chapter 480 An Encounter at the Grocery Store

  • Sophia’s initial reaction was to turn down the invitation. Shouldn’t Old Mrs. Constance’s own family members accompany her on trips like the monastery visit? As an ex-granddaughter-in-law, Sophia felt uncomfortable at the idea of going out with Old Mrs. Constance.
  • Old Mrs. Constance sighed and explained that she saw Sophia receiving a very positive outcome from a past card reading at the Blackwell Residence, a proof that Sophia had better luck. Therefore, she wanted Sophia to tag along to share some of the luck.
  • Sophia chuckled. “What good luck? Look at me in the past. Did I look like a lucky woman?”
  • Old Mrs. Constance sighed. “Well, your luck must have turned around. Your stars are aligned. Don’t you know that the Blackwells’ stagnant business flourished after you received your reading? It’s all thanks to you.”
  • Old Mrs. Constance was a professional in terms of bluffing. Scratching her head awkwardly, Sophia said, “I think you should ask John to go to the monastery with you. He’s a lucky man too.”
  • Yeah, he’s lucky in life, except when he was forced to marry me. Sophia secretly grumbled.
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