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Chapter 478 Are You Still Not Giving Up?

  • Sophia looked earnest when she replied. “But if you have any issues at the show, you need to let us know. We’ll work on getting you some votes out here.”
  • Ian nodded. “Sure.”
  • Before the visit, he had a lot to sort out with Sophia. For example, he wanted to understand more about the incident last night with John and he wanted to discuss his upcoming intensive training.
  • However, upon meeting Sophia and seeing that she was more excited than sad at the idea of him going away for the training, he suddenly lost the momentum to ask her anything.
  • In the end, he had a brief chat with her and left. Sophia appeared tired as well, because after Ian left, she closed the door and stretched before going up to her room.
  • The moment she switched off the lights in her room, John received an immediate update from his staff who was stalking her. Reading the text, he felt satisfied and put down his phone.
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