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Chapter 474 Let's Get Along Peacefully

  • However, John was not waiting at the front gate as he had claimed. When Sophia arrived at home, she found him seated in her living room, watching TV while waiting for her. Her eyes bulged in disbelief at the scene. “How did you manage to get in?”
  • He pointed up at the second floor. “I’ve told you before to shut the balcony doors. But look, you never listen.”
  • At first, Sophia had decided to thank John when she met him. However, the idea went down the drain in the face of his trespassing. There was no point for her to thank him anymore. With a sour face, she sat across him. “You were the one who sent me home last night? You didn’t do anything to me, did you?”
  • John chuckled. “Why? Are you disappointed? If you have any wish, just let me know. I can cooperate and help you with it right now.”
  • She frowned. “Can you be any more shameless than that?” Next, she checked with him by asking, “Did you see Ian last night?”
  • John was taken aback. “Ian? Why would you ask?”
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