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Chapter 459 You Were Almost Taken Advantage Of

  • When William spoke to John a moment ago, he seemed to be sending him a warning with his expression. John quickly realized that it was negligence on his own side.
  • Until William’s car was out of sight from the rearview mirror, John retracted his gaze. Inebriated, he leaned against the seat and closed his eyes, slowly dozing off.
  • When he had reached Constance Residence, the chauffeur called out to John to awaken him.
  • Getting out of the car, John leaned against the car for a while to sober up. Then, he slowly walked into the main building and told the cook to get him a hangover tonic.
  • When the tonic was ready, William returned home. Although William had consumed lots of alcohol as well, he appeared to be more clear-headed than this son. Upon entering the house, he directly took a seat opposite John.
  • Since his wife was asleep, William questioned in a lowered voice, “Have you figured it out?”
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