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Chapter 456 No Response

  • Zack had worked for John for years, but it was his first time seeing him so discomposed. When John was forced to marry Sophia back then, even though he was upset and irritated, he wasn’t as flustered as he was now. However, Zack couldn’t explain clearly what was wrong with John in everything he did. John was just different from his past self.
  • Sophia didn’t want to know more about John, for the more she learned, the more upset she would become. Patting on the car, she said, “Alright. I have to get into the shop. You should go back now. I’ll inform you when I’ve set a date for the shop opening.”
  • Zack mumbled an acknowledgement and watched her enter the shop before stepping on the gas pedal.
  • When he returned to the company, John was in his office. Zack walked in and saw John signing his name on documents. After that, John gazed at Zack and said, “I saw the video. The shop name doesn’t sound good.”
  • Zack replied, “I don’t think it sounds good either, but Sophia likes it.”
  • “She likes it?” John sneered. “Well, she likes all sorts of weird things.” With that, he tossed his pen to the side, apparently displeased.
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