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Chapter 450 Mind Your Own Business

  • Initially, they wanted to take the picture together with Logan, but he was so busy trying to come up with a counterattack on Leah with his subordinates that he couldn’t be bothered about her at all.
  • She wasn’t concerned about the story update too much because she thought that not many people would see it anyway. Even the people who would see it were her acquaintances. Rolling over after she made the post, she closed her eyes. It had been a tiring day for her, so she fell asleep within a minute.
  • While she was asleep, John was up and fully awake. The minute Sophia had made a story update, he had seen it. The caption was fine, just mentioning that it was a tiring, happy, and slightly bummed out day for her today.
  • But the picture she posted really made John feel more bummed out than ever. It was a picture with Ian without Logan. They were seated on a couch with their shoulders against each other as they stared at one another from the corner of their eyes. It didn’t exactly look like a funny picture because the way they looked at each other carried some chemistry, and the picture looked so harmonized that it made him feel uncomfortable.
  • He gritted his teeth for a long time, and all he could do in the end was to exit from the app. Sighing, he tossed his cell phone aside and hugged his blanket as he pondered for a long while. Finally, he cursed, “*sshole.” But he didn’t know whom he meant it for.
  • The next morning, it was the doorbell which woke Sophia up. Checking the time, she saw that it was actually very early.
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